Wife Has Husband Arrested; 4 Days Later He Gets All Charges Dropped

In Indiana, Angela Voelkert had her husband arrested and thrown in jail for doing something shocking on the internet — until he revealed something that completely turned the tables on her.

It all started when the wife created a fake Facebook profile posing as a teenager. She then sent her husband, David, a friend request. This mom thought this would be the best plan to get full custody of the because her husband would be arrested. So Angela created the account and began talking to her husband while posing as “Jessica Studebaker.”

During their chats on the web David admitted that he placed a GPS device on his ex-wife’s car in order to monitor her every move. He even revealed that he wanted to find someone to “take care of” his ex.

“You should find someone at your school,” he told who he thought was Studebaker, The Smoking Gun reported, “that would put a cap in her a** for $10,000.”

David Voelkert spent four days in custody after his wife turned him in, but federal prosecutors. But there is a surprising twist to this whole situation which ultimately lifted the charges against him. The fact was he knew it was Angela the whole time, and played along so that he could use it against her in the child custody case.

“I am lying to this person,” he stated in a notarized affidavit given to the FBI, “to gain positive proof that it is indeed my ex-wife trying to again tamper in my life. In no way do I have plans to leave with my children or do any harm to Angela Dawn Voelkert or anyone else.”

After going public the case went quickly viral after being shared on Reddit, That left users with thousands of comments. With a lot of them saying things like below:

“I wonder how much other strange behavior his ex-wife must have pulled for him to figure out that this was her so quickly,” one Reddit user commented.

“For anyone thinking these people’s actions are about the same, they are not. He was just trying to defend himself. Her actions are stalker level craziness.”

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Reddit