Teenager Pops 6-Year-Old Pimple – Results Are Disturbing (Video)

Even though it was gross I can’t stop watching the video below. A video of a girl popping a pimple she left alone for six years went viral.

The moment she started to squeeze it, a string of dried pus starts to ooze out. The mom recording the whole scene, The girl continues to squeeze pus from the pimple for six minutes until it finally begins to run out.

Many reactions to the video said it was gross , while some healthcare professionals commented and urged the girl to see a doctor so the pimple does not return.

“Nurse chiming in here…,” one YouTube comment read. “…bring her to a derm to have it excised out. If you leave the sac, it will return.”

Others stated that it was not a pimple, and instead was an earpit.

“Its not a zit, it’s an earpit and they are there from birth as far as I know,” one comment said. “I’ve had mine since birth and it fills up sometimes but I just squeeze the stuff out and I’m fine. I also think [hers] was infected because it shouldn’t look like that.”

Sources: BuzzFeed News, Cosmopolitan