Students Interrupt Class With Prayer, So Principal Makes Controversial Statement In Response

A school principal banned a group of students that were Muslim from praying on campus after other students were reportedly disturbed by the act.

Johannes Rau Principal in Wuppertal, Germany, banned the Muslim students from praying on campus because students were disturbed by the rolling out of prayer mats in public areas of the school.

The principal made this statement as a letter to staff and students at the school read.

“In recent weeks it has been seen that Muslim schoolchildren are visibly praying, signaled by ritual ablutions in the toilets, the rolling out of prayer rugs and the taking of appropriate body postures. This is not permitted,”

German law states that there is no justification for banning prayer in school, as freedom of religion is protected by the country.

A local government spokesperson said this about the ban”The prohibition of prayer in a provocative way in public schools is to promote peaceful coexistence and secure the peace of the school,” The Daily Mail reported.

Many social media readers supported the principal decision for banning the praying in school, and called for similar actions in the United States.

“Very very awesome, they need to abide by our laws or the laws of whatever country they are in, its really very simple when the government does what is right and that is not letting Muslims dictate their laws in our countries, they can go back to their own countries and practice their laws all they want just as we would have to abide by their laws if we were in their countries, alls fair in love and war,” one reader commented.

“Exactly stay in the other Islamic countries and stay out of our freedom loving nations. Oh yeah, u can’t because Muslims can’t and won’t live in harmony with other Muslims so they invade into our democratic countries. Hmm what does that say about them?! Oh yeah, Sharia law…doesn’t work!!!!” another added.

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Sources: Daily Mail