Doctor’s Remove Animal Part Out Of Baby’s Neck (Photos)

Aaron and Emma Washington noticed their seven month-old child had an unsightly pimple on the side of her face. Thinking it would go away they ignored it for a while.

But it continued to grow larger and larger. They knew that something was wrong it was no ordinary pimple. So they took her to the doctor.

The doctors had never seen anything like it before. It was something much weirder than just an infection or a pimple on the side of the baby girl’s face.

So he softly pinched the spot and a white thing poked out of the girl’s face and the doctor started to pull slowly. It kept coming and coming before the doctors realized it was a feather. This left the doctor’s and the girl’s parents’ scratching there heads.

The most plausible theory is the baby by accidentally inhaled the feather when she was in bed or near a down comforter. Apparently, the feather then pierced the inside of her cheek once it was inside her mouth.

Once it was in the cheek, her body started rejecting the feather, and the only way out of her body was to force it out through her skin. So it started pushing the feather through her skin inch by inch until it poked through and produced a pimple-like shape on the girl’s left cheek. It is now deemed a medical miracle as there was never anything like it before or since.

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