Woman Has Warning After Kitchen Product That’s Been Sold Millions Of Times Nearly Takes Off Her Hand

Wendy Littlefield was so excited when she got a NutriBullet 900 blending machine. So naturally she gave the trendy kitchen appliance a full test run, that when the device “suddenly malfunctioned.” It exploded, the spinning blades went flying and chopped apart her right hand.

Because the Magic Bullet failed while attempting to blend some canned tomatoes and beans, Wendy is suing the fashionable company.

As seen in the emergency room photographs, Wendy’s injuries included deep cuts and severe nerve damage. She asserts the damage was a result of negligence on part of Homeland Housewares, who manufactures the popular kitchen gadget. She says they should have known that their products were “unreasonably dangerous and defective when used for its intended use.”

Attorneys at Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP have stepped up to represent Wendy in her lawsuit.

It is also said her husband Darryl is also getting involved in the lawsuit, stating his wife’s injury, has casued their “marital association has been altered.”

He claims to have suffered “mental anguish” because he witness his wife’ horrific injury.

Their daughter Cambrie, wrote on Facebook, says:
“My mother’s life will never be the same, considering she will likely never be able to use her dominant hand again and she rides a roller coaster of never-ending pain and constant surgeries. This is a tragedy I hope no one else has to endure.”

The kitchen gadget is a vital piece to helping thousands smash fruits, vegetables, and nuts into healthy, nutritious smoothies. But apparently, if something goes wrong, it can ruin lives too.

Many have taken to social media with comments about the product and the situation:

“So one machine malfunctions and every unit is unreasonably dangerous! If one car out of millions had a fault does it make them all unreasonably dangerous? Compensation is all this about!” FB user wrote

“Sums up all that’s wrong with the system in America … trying to construe all sorts of issues to milk a bit more money out of the manufacturer (no doubt to try to get them to settle… with very little proof they have done anything wrong)” another wrote

Do you think she will win her lawsuit? Or is she trying too hard to get some extra pocket money from the manufacturer?

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