Teacher Is Behind Bars After Making This Mistake In Front Of The Class

A substitute teacher Lacey Sponsler,34, is in a bit of hot water after she decided to do a cartwheel during class. While covering the choir class at Pawhuska High School , she did a cartwheel that vividly revealed to her students, she was not wearing any underwear beneath her dress.
One of the students in the class recorded the incident on a cell phone, which then lead to her arrest for indecent exposure.

The Pawhuska Police Department announced the arrest on Jan. 31 in the following press release, as published on the website of the local Fox affiliate KOKI: “On today’s date we were made aware of an incident which had allegedly occurred during a high school choir class. It was alleged that a substitute teacher had performed a cartwheel, with no under garments on, which caused her to expose herself to the students in this class. This act was captured by a student on their cell phone. This substitute was taken into custody this afternoon by our Department.”

According to the student who took the video and reported her said that the woman told the class in advance that she was not wearing any underwear. But that is not all she did, it gets worse. In an affidavit, the student said she saw Sponsler’s “vagina open and close, as her legs were in the air.” The teen also accused the teacher of “talking about using drugs” and mentioning that she “thought [14-year-old] boys were like men.”

When questioned by police, Sponsler denied doing a cartwheel in class, and that she was “just dancing with the students” and “trying to be a cool.” But it is very clear she was doing a cartwheel in the video.

This isn’t Sponsler’s first offense… she has a criminal record, reports Smoking Gun, citing court records. She reportedly pleaded guilty in 2008 to marijuana possession, public intoxication, and possession of drug paraphernalia. In 2011, she again pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia, in addition to possession of methamphetamine and marijuana.

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