Authorities Just Found Husband Who Vanished 23 Years Ago. But That’s Not Even The Crazy Part

Richard Hoagland’s sudden disappearance on February 10, 1993, left is wife Linda, their two boys 9-year-old Matthew and 6-year-old Douglas behind in a heap of debt. Linda needed the detectives help to find the man she had promised her life to.

But when she went to them Linda felt the detectives were shaking her down as a suspect. Because they thought they had been set up or that he had been murdered.

Linda talekd about her experience: “They kept implying that I was guilty, that I was involved in his disappearance.”

But Linda knew nothing – and she wasn’t lying. By the time the interrogation was over, one detective accused Linda of trying to kidnap her own children and flee town to secretly meet up with her “missing” husband.

The truth was much simpler. He had fled town right before police began investigating her husband for a theft case.

Instead of taking responsibility, this crook left everything and put his family is a terrible financial situation. He then maxed out their credit cards and forged a bank loan under her name before leaving town forever.

For twenty years, no one knew where Richard Hoagland was or if he was even alive. But his lies finally caught up to him this week, as he was found!

Discovered in Florida by law enforcement. The man had started a new family, bought a house, registered vehicles, earned his pilot’s license – all while using a DEAD MAN’ name…

His son, Matthew Hoagland, 33, wonders: “How can somebody be such a terrible human being?”

Apparently, Hoagland was able to steal a man’s identity when he miraculously found a death certificate in a room he was renting. He used it to become Terry Symansky.

The truth was exposed when the real Symansky’s nephew logged onto to find that his dead uncle had gotten married and earned his pilot’s license decades after he had perished.

Hoagland was arrested and booked – under his real name. He has been put in jail with only a $25,000 bond despite his clear flight risk.

Linda has extended her condolences to his new wife and his 19-year-old son, because she knows the pain it can cause.

“We know what they are going through. We do express our sympathy and empathy to them. I’m sorry,” Linda said.

Because the crook abandoned his family for decades, Linda Isler’s attorney, Tom Markle, plans to ask the judge to demand nearly $2 million in unpaid child support over the decades.