Young Woman Speaks Out After Spotting What Two Soldiers Do To Their Uniforms (Photos)

Alyssa Galios Facebook post went viral after she posted about what two soldiers did to their uniforms.

While Starbucks one morning she was sitting near a table where a mother and her three young children were.

“They are slurping up what I assume to be hot cocoa, laughing a lot, and burning off their sugar highs. But, when the door opens, the kids go silent,” Galios wrote in her post,

“We all turn to look at the two men who have walked in. They’re soldiers. Combat boots, clumping. Hats on and uniforms pristine. They pause to look at the headlines of the newspapers by the door, mutter some things among themselves, then walk to the register to place their order.”

One of the soldiers suddenly stopped turned around and walked towards one of the children.

“How is your day going, little man?” the soldier asked.

“Toddler-sized-pleasantries are voiced,” Galios wrote. “Favorite super heroes are revealed…. Then, after the exchange, the soldier (whom I later will find is named Pedro) stands up, and RIPS the velcro-American flag off of his arm.

“With a HUGE SMILE, passes it off [to] the little boy whose face immediately lights up.”

“Then, the other soldier makes his way over and says ‘You can have this one, too.’ And hands the little boy another badge, ripped straight off of his own coat,” Galios added.
Not only that, the soldiers took photos with the kids before they left for school, and their mom thanked the men for their service on her way out the door.

The story quickly went viral after posted to Love What Matters Page which gathered many comments like:

“Soldiers have always been my hero,” one reader wrote.


A woman named Andrea Anderson also commented on the post:

This is my son Brock in this story. The entire experience was very emotional for everyone in that coffee shop that morning. Kindness is a very powerful emotion. What is the most rewarding about the story going viral is the out pour of support for our troops and the recognition of an act of kindness that changed lives forever. Kindness goes a LONG way! It reminds everyone that it is the PEOPLE that make this country great! It reminds us as parents that we need to teach our children kindness, respect and patriotism. This story is just what this country needs right now! We feel so blessed to have been a small part of it.

Sources: Love What Matters