Bus Driver Alerts Police Of Odd Marks On Student’s Shoulder, Leads To Sick Discovery

Phoenix school bus driver step in and question how a child is being treated at home after noticing several abrasions on an 11-year-old boy’s shoulder. He alerted the school officials and they questioned the student. The boy admitted that his dad had been responsible for the abuse and staff members contacted the police.

The boy talked about his dad, Darryl Ingram, punishments in depth. If he didn’t finish his homework, would hit him with a cane before asking the boy to choose between being whooped, smacked or shocked 40 times. When asked what he meant by “being shocked,” the boy described a Taser.
When confronted, 49-year-old Ingram denied using a Taser and claimed that it was only an app. Pretty severe wounds for just an app authorities say.

Following his denial, the dad admitted to using a real Taser and said the following…

“I was telling him this is a toy compared to what police use. I just kind of showed him against myself. It basically is like a pinch. It doesn’t deliver much voltage or anything. It does kinda like pinch the skin,” said Ingram, who went on to tell the police what else he told his son…

“If your behavior and the way you’re doing things continues on, somewhere down the line, this is something that is going to be used on you. You have to be obedient.”

Ingram was charged with child abuse for the mistreatment of his son. And evidently, this isn’t the first time that Ingram was investigated for child abuse, after he had been reported for hitting his child.

Luckily, The boy lives with his mother now and has been removed from the father’s custody.

Social Media users were disgusted that the court dismissed the case the first time around…

“Yep, they keep getting away with it. Flags are raised and dismissed….. courts are overloaded and uncaring so much of the time when dealing with an abusive person, the “getting” away with it one time empowers their little egos….ALWAYS hurts the kids…Kids are afraid to say the truth out of FEAR and being manipulated and put back in the situation alone… IMO if you are accused, take parenting classes and have supervised visits…. it’s about the kids…. This poor kid… I’m glad he is rid of this monster “supposed” parent.” wrote one Facebook user.

“What kills me about the courts is that it is ALL about money, and if you are even CLOSE to poor, you better be able to prove and I mean PROVE your innocence because you are without a doubt guilty until you prove otherwise! But never with these kinds of cases, they just let the kids suffer.” wrote another.