Local Store In Hot Water After Employee’s Photos Go Viral (Photos)

An ex-employee of a Pennsylvania pet store is facing heavy criticism after she speaks out about the store was abusing its animals.
Katelyn Cerciello had a job at the Robinson Petland in Robinson Township, Pennsylvania.

Working less than a month there, she “couldn’t watch the owner refuse vet care for sick puppies anymore, ship them back to the Hunte Corporation to be euthanized, or in general sell puppy-mill puppies for thousands of dollars to the unknowing public.”

“You could tell they were sick,” Cerciello told reporters. She says, “9-week-old puppies should be bouncing and playing, but they’d be lying on the floor.”

WARNING: Graphic photos.

The store’s owner did nothing to help the animals even though she begged and pleaded with him.

“(I) kept telling him something needs to be done and he wouldn’t do anything,” she said.

She knew she had to do something and decided to take matters into her own hands and wrote a long post on her Facebook page describing in detail the alleged abuses the animals would suffer.

“I was basically horrified at the sight of white mice in the back room,” she wrote. “They were bloody, smelled like rotting flesh, and horrendous looking.”

She had another FB post that talked about the supposed “breeder” of one of the dogs ran a puppy mill. She also described abuses animals allegedly received while in shipment saying, “It was known that there was supposed to be 13 puppies arriving on the truck. Only 10 of those 13 made it to Petland. I was told by the older ladies who work in the kennel that those puppies were pulled from the truck on the way because they had DIED.”
The owner of the store did defend himself and told reporters that Cerciello had made up the posts as well as the photos included along with them.
According to the manager, the store is up to date with the American Kennel Club. The store has also been allegedly receiving threats and posted a note on its door on saying the store closed early due to “personal threats on employees and harassment.”
“I just want people to know what actually happens there, what they’re spending thousands of dollars on,” Cerciello told reporters.

Source: WPXI, Katelyn Cerciello/Facebook