Police Officer Notices Boy Walk Into Police Station, Quickly Notices What’s Around Boy’s Neck (Photos)

5- year-old’s attempt to comfort police officers in Charlotte, North Carolina, getting attention from across the country.
Deanna Hooker said that her 5-year-old son, Jayden, woke up when he heard sounds of helicopters and police sirens.

“My son heard helicopters and sirens all night and woke up crying,” Deanna wrote in a Facebook post shared by Love What Matters.

On the way to school the next morning, she said Jayden heard on the radio that police officers had been injured. That’s when Jayden decided he’d like to do something about it and came up with an idea.

“He asked me if he could bring the police donuts and give them hugs for all they do,” she wrote. “It is amazing how much children can teach us during times like this.”

Deanna thinking this is a great and kind gesture took Jayden to the police station. He arrived wearing a “Free Hugs” sign around his neck and carrying doughnuts.

“I’m happy the police officers didn’t get really hurt,” Jayden said, “I want you to stay safe and I don’t want anybody to hurt you.”

Jayden’s gesture reportedly brought some of the officers to tears.

“This is love in its purest form and what our world needs right now,” Deanna wrote.
Sources: Love What Matters