Pregnant Woman’s Dark Secret Emerges After Family Notices Something Strange About Ultrasound Photos

An unidentified 16-year-old girl from Michigan led her family and friends to believe she was pregnant with triplets to receive thousands of dollars worth of gifts. Then someone got suspicious.

She reportedly used the website to trick people into believing she was pregnant. On the website, you can buy fake baby bumps for $149 and fake ultrasound images.

The unidentified teen had everyone fooled about the pregnancy, including her boyfriend, Jordan.

“I was excited, don’t get me wrong, but I was scared,” Jordan, who maintains he did not know about the pregnancy being fake, told Fox 2 Detroit. “I started looking for jobs the best I could. I was ready to donate all my time.”

More and more gifts started flowing in as everyone around her prepared for the baby.

“The gifts, they couldn’t even open at the shower there was so much,” the teen’s aunt Jessica said of the baby shower.

As the due date approached, the family started to become suspicious as no one had ever been to the doctor with the girl.

A Facebook user in a group for mothers of triplets, of which the teen was a member, was the one to point out that the girl’s ultrasounds were not real.

When detectives approached and confronted her, she broke down and told them she had had a miscarriage at six weeks.

The girl’s brother said all of the donations and gifts she received would be returned.

Sources: Daily Mail, My Fox Detroit