Can You See What’s Wrong With This Pic? Most People Can’t

The internet are suckers for optical illusions, these tricky photo go viral instantly and have been making the rounds on social media sites, stumping viewers.

Shared on Instagram, one of the most recent photos that has stumped followers on the social media – is this photo of six bikini-clad girl friends posing on a beach together. The photo then dares viewers to guess what the illusion could be. the picture site as to what

Study the picture below — all the girls are simultaneously striking a similar pose for the camera and are wearing black sunglasses.

With a good eye you can see the picture has been manipulated in a sneaky way.

One photo genius and trickster has edited it so that the face of the man in the background is also the faces of the women in the forefront of the photo.

Once the “trick” has been revealed, the edit seems glaringly obvious. But many an Instagram users have admitted they couldn’t detect what was strange about the picture.

Commenting on the photo, one user stated: “Oh my f***ing God I can’t breathe. … I almost fell.”

Another confessed: “It took me 9 hours to figure it out.”

Here is another photo that is catching buzz it is a seemingly regular photo of three women sitting on a park bench confused a lot of people.

Yet there is something unnatural about the picture that stands out as soon as it is detected.


The result is there is no seat on the bench and the women seem to be hovering mid-air on an invisible support.

Here is another of a young woman striking a sultry pose in her room, seems innocuous enough.

Yet, if you look closer, you will see that there is something “off” about the black-and-white picture.


If you peer closely, you will see the woman actually has six fingers on her right hand instead of five.

Source: Daily Mail, Instagram, Imgur