Man Heart Sinks After Finding This Creature Hiding In His Kitchen

The critter found was a wild hedgehog that had been horribly tortured. Needless to say, his chances of survival were very much in doubt.

A caretaker at the University of Sheffield in England found the critter when he walked into the campus kitchen. He noticed some sort of odd-looking creature scurrying toward him and thought it was a mouse at first.

Th hedgehog had something seriously wrong—all of his spines “chopped off”—and he definitely was in need of immediate medical help. He was a sorry sight.

The little guy was brought to the Cawthorne Hedgehog Sanctuary in South Yorkshire, where he was put in the care of Anita and Allen Broadhead. After naming him Frankie, they tried to determine the extent of his abuse.


“Stop and think how you would feel,” Anita started, “if someone mistreated you and left you in a position where you couldn’t look after yourself because you had no means of protection.”

This poor little fellow couldn’t defend himself from whoever did this to him.

Though Frankie’s abusers had yet to be found, hopefully they saw Anita’s powerful message and didn’t harm any other animals. Thankfully, Frankie was finally safe from harm but would have to spend some time recovering before he could be returned back into the wild. His spikes would take some time to grow back.

It should also be noted that hedgehogs are rather harmless to humans. As this story certainly shows, we’re more dangerous to them as they are to us. Luckily Frankie makes a full recovery. No animal should ever go through such abuse.
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