Man Behind Mom At McDonald’s Stunned By Encounter, Takes Out Camera And Snaps Photo

Officer Jonathan Mcleod pulled over a woman who had expired tags and learned what her living situation was, he knew what he had to do.
“I could tell they had either been living in the vehicle, or they go from place to place in the vehicle,” Officer Mcleod told KTVU.

The officer came acroos the woman during a routine traffic stop inf ront of McDonalds.

“She gave me her license and she told me, ‘Hey my license is suspended right now. This is all I have, me and my children. We go from shelter to shelter,'” Mcleod recalled.

Instead of giving her a ticket or having her car towed, the officer asked the mother a very simple question.

“I asked if the kids had eaten or anything, and she said no,” the officer said. “That’s when I said, ‘Hey we’re already here, let’s go inside and get you something to eat.'”

While inside the McDonald’s, Officer Mcleod took a few steps back he didn’t want the mom to feel embarrassed. She offered some money to split the bill, but Officer Mcleod refused.

Another customer saw what was happening and snapped a picture of the family in line ordering their food.
McLeod did not want recongintion and was not going to tell anybody about what he did, because “it’s just something I just wanted to keep to myself.” However, the news got out when the man who took the picture sent a copy to the Hayward police.

McLeod says he hopes his actions will give people another perspective on police officers.

“Each person I make contact with, I at least want to leave them with the impression – ‘Wow, that officer with Hayward PD, Officer Mcleod, he was a great guy,'” he said.

Sources: KTVU