Little Kid Left In Tears On Birthday After Unexpected Encounter With Police

Eli Malone Celebrating his fifth birday had a very bad turn when the him and his party guests looked outside and saw the family dog, Opie lying on the ground bleeding.

They quickly learned that Opie had been shot by an Oklahoma, police officer allegedly.

No one had called the police – why had the officer been there? Was the dog acting vicious?
Rio Youngblood Opie’s owner went and asked the Officer Josh Franklin why he shot the dog.

The Wynnewood Police officer didn’t say a word but lifted the rifle again and shot Opie one more time. Knowing all the children were watching through the window.
After the second shot, Franklin got in his car and drove off. When the officer was reported Franklin claimed the dog was trying to attack him through the fence. Okay, so was the fence going to collapse?
A dog behind a fence is not dangerous unless you hop the fence or the fence is going to fall over. Sadly, Chief Ken Moore said the shooting was justified. Moore just took the word of his officer.

Rest in Peace, Opie.

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Source: abc7news