Customer Has A Perfect Response To A Hairdresser’s Rude Comment.

A woman named Susan and her husband were two days away from a holiday to Rome. She went to the hairdresser to be freshly styled for her trip and began discussing her plans with the hairdresser.

The hairdresser commented, “Rome? Why would you want to go there? It’s old, crowded, dirty… yuck. Have fun with that. Which airline are you flying over?”

A little put off, Susan responded, “Continental. Tickets were inexpensive, so we went for it.”

“Ugh,” the hairdresser again replied. “That’s the worst airline. The planes are old and stinky, the flight attendants are ugly and rude, and the fights are always delayed. But anyway, where are you staying in Rome?”

“Well, we’re staying at a hotel called Teste on the river,” said Susan.

“Stop right there,” the hairdresser interrupted. “That place is a hole. Everybody says so.”

Eager to stay positive about her trip, Susan said, “We’re going to the Vatican, and hopefully we’ll get to see the Pope!”

“Honey,” said the hairdresser. “Everyone tries to get a glimpse of the Pope. Enjoy standing in a huge crowd with a million other tourists.”

The hairdresser finally finished up Susan’s do and called out the door, “Good luck on your trip, you’re going to need it!”

A month later, Susan returned to the hairdresser, glowing but in need of a trim. She sat in the chair and informed the hairdresser that she had just returned from the Rome trip.

“Oh,” said the hairdresser with a tone of disgust. “How was it?”

Susan smiled and began, “It was fantastic. It started off with Continental, on one of their brand new planes, where we were bumped up to first class when the flight was overbooked. Unlimited drinks and tasty treats served by my handsome 26-year-old personal steward.”

Eager to continue, Susan went on, “The hotel was fabulous. They’d just finished up a 6 million dollar renovation and now it sparkles. We were the 50th customers since the remodel, so they put us up in the presidential suite!”

Disgruntled, the hairdresser commented, “Well, good for you. But there’s no way you saw the Pope.”

“Actually,” Susan replied, “while we were at the Vatican, a Swiss Guard approached me and explained that the Pope likes to meet with some of the visitors and asked if we’d like to meet him. It was incredible. He shook my hand and even spoke a few words to me.”

Shocked, the hairdresser exclaimed, “Oh wow, what did he say?”

Susan smirked and said, “He asked me, ‘Who screwed up your hair?’”